Workers in Songs is a Danish band who plays soulful Americana and dynamic Folk Rock performed with a there-is-no-tomorrow attitude. Workers in Songs are known for being a very present and energetic live band and to see the band live is an experience with many facets. The audience gets introduced to a wide range of songs from the quiet and calm ones to aggressive wildness and humorous tales. This interplay between the fiery temper and the quiet breathing creates a fascinating contrast in the complete musical experience.
Workers in Songs consists of Jonas Skovlykke Jensen behind the drums and Morten Dehn on the upright and electric bass. Ulrik Tarp Merrildgaard is on electric guitar, banjo, lap steel and vocals, Michael Møller is on acoustic guitar, vocals and harmonica while Morten Krogh is on vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica and ukulele.


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